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Brisbane Switchboard Design & Construction

DELAB Electrical is a company that specializes in electrical engineering, offering a wide range of services, including switchboard drafting, design, and construction.

DELAB Electrical takes great care to ensure that all switchboard designs and constructions meet the highest standards of safety, reliability, and efficiency. Our company is committed to providing its clients with turnkey solutions that meet their specific needs, from initial consultation to final installation and ongoing maintenance.

Design & Drafting

Switchboard design and drafting is a critical aspect of electrical engineering, particularly in power distribution and control systems. The process involves designing and drafting switchboards that meet the specifications of the project and comply with relevant safety and regulatory standards. The switchboard design and drafting process typically includes determining the size and layout of the switchboard, selecting the appropriate components and equipment, and creating detailed schematics and wiring diagrams. The resulting switchboard must be reliable, efficient, and easy to maintain. This requires a deep understanding of electrical principles, as well as knowledge of relevant software and drafting tools. Effective switchboard design and drafting can improve the safety, performance, and efficiency of electrical systems.

Construction & Installation

Switchboard construction and installation are crucial steps in the process of bringing an electrical system to life. Once the design and drafting phases are complete, the switchboard must be built and installed in accordance with the specifications and safety standards established during the design process. The construction phase typically involves fabricating the switchboard components, installing the necessary wiring and circuitry, and testing the equipment to ensure proper functioning. During the installation phase, the switchboard is installed in its final location and connected to the power source and other components of the electrical system. Proper construction and installation are critical to ensuring the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the overall electrical system. It requires careful attention to detail and adherence to safety guidelines.