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DELAB electrical is a proud leader in energy saving solutions. We are striving to make businesses,
Landlords and consumers save time and money on their energy use / consumption. By Just updating
and retrofitting existing lighting you could cut your energy consumption by 70%. We do free site inspections and audits where we determine what your possibilities are and put
forward a designed energy saving proposal. The energy saving solutions we provide are listed below;

Our Energy Saving products & solutions include:

LED Highbay Lighting

LED highbay & low bay lighting

LED Retrofitting

Retro fitting solutions for ease of installation


PFC unit installations for better energy efficiency


Motion sensors, timers, PLC control

Thermal scans

Thermal imaging scans to identify inefficient & unsafe components

Energy Saving Audits

Free site inspections, Site audit, Energy saving proposals

LED Highbay Lighting

LED VS Old Metal Halide Lamps

  • Consumes up to 70% less energy
  • Illuminates better and brighter light (162 lumens per Watt)
  • Lifetime of more than 100,000 hours opposed to 20,000 hours
  • Instant on/off doesn’t require warming up to illuminate
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor IP66
  • Options of up to 10 year warranty
  • Predicted energy savings can pay off instalment costs within 1-2 years
  • Highest quality products from Australian suppliers

What is power factor ratio?

The power factor is expressed as a score in numbers (0-1) 0 being a bad result and 1 being Ideal. this score is a ratio between real power absorbed in your electrical system and apparent power flowing in the system. For those who didn’t get it.. If you have a bad power factor your electrical system will be running inefficiently and will use more power for the job required.

What cause a bad power factor?

All electrical equipment on the system effect the flow by contributing an inductive or capacitive load, too far on either end of the spectrum and the power factor will be affected.

How Do we fix it?

After a PFR test has been completed and you determine what your ratio is a power factor
correction unit can be installed to the switchboard, this will significantly improve the PF and in most cases be in the range of 0.9 and above.

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